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Showing 1-50 of 75 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
590813TH769  Germany0
5137AisAtHanden  Sweden0
5740Athens  Greece0
5932Bailey's Harbor  United States of America0
5528Bournemouth  United Kingdom0Ian Renton
5723Bremerhaven  Germany0bhvhs
5135Campbellford  Canada0
5727Canary Islands  Spain0
5305Cape Lambert  Australia0
5069Carmel Highlands  United States of America0
5240Castel-Bian  France0YM
5020Cleveland, OH  United States of America0CLE
5615CTG_BD_MH  Bangladesh0Mobasher
5237Dortmund  Germany0
5165eoi-trial  Indonesia0eoi
5196Foster City - San Mateo Bridge  United States of America0
5149furu  Finland0oh2zzz
5287Garbsen  Germany0
5733Gramsbergen  Netherlands0PE0G
5343Halifax  Canada0Halifax Shipping News
5712Hendrik  Netherlands0
5736Howard’s Cove  Canada0
5812Jeju Station  Korea0
5923Jepara  Indonesia0
5322Kabböle  Finland0
5654kb9rlf  United States of America0
5359La Siroque  Germany0Mike / La Siroque
5080Llastres-EA1JBE  Spain0Darío EA1JBE
5541LU5DTF-BUE  Argentina0LU5DTF
5152Maassluis  Netherlands0Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum
5126Mafra  Portugal0
5316Medina, NY  United States of America0
5973MoscowCentre  Russian Federation0Yaroslav
5913National Taiwan Ocean University  Taiwan (Province of China)0Advanced Computation Laboratory, National Taiwan Ocean University
5985Nieuw-Amsterdam  Netherlands0PA0HHN
5439Niles, NY  United States of America0
5643NL13891  Netherlands0
5100Norresundby  Denmark0
5374Opperdoes  Netherlands0
5013Orcasound  United States of America0
5262Orewa  New Zealand0
5038Oskarshamns Harbor  Sweden0
5661Pacifica, California  United States of America0
5803Palm Bay  United States of America0
5988Palmetto, FL  United States of America0
5610Playa Torpederas, Playa Ancha  Chile0Simarp Limitada
5580Polaris  Uruguay0José Ferreira
5132Robin Hoods Bay  United Kingdom0Burton House
5590Rotterdam  Netherlands0
5187Ruesselsheim am Main  Germany0