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Showing 51-100 of 310 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5623ARAF Florianopolis  Brazil21PP5FMM
5679Rognan  Norway6Mox
5685Ton's AIS  Netherlands69Brutronic
5740Athens  Greece77
5656Hardway, Gosport  United Kingdom57Broadnet PTT comms
5924Tseung Kwan O  Hong Kong53
5730ES8BFU  Estonia7
5751Baltimore  Ireland2Aquaventures Ltd
5845Camende  Netherlands33
5783Dabob Bay  United States of America3
5637Karratha  Australia159Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5647Gendt  Netherlands56
5814City of Oldenburg  Germany1
5939Sandown, Isle of Wight  United Kingdom19Mark
5930Ingaro  Sweden9SA0YES
5921Træna  Norway2241Raymond
5986Getxo  Spain14Borja
5870Szczecin  Poland40ALERTPLUS.INFO
5758Leiden  Netherlands103
5649Burnaby  Canada21
5607OZ7MK  Denmark71
5633Brisbane  Australia39Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5895ANDIJK  Netherlands180
5918Pidgie - GBO  United States of America80
5999NAVIOM Class-B Transponders  20NAVIOM AIS
5619Elbhang  Germany17Paul
5790Vernouillet  France4bucolo
5963SARCNET  Australia1The School Amateur Radio Club Network
5696Domsten  Sweden6
5658Nordre Kullerød  Norway26GSGroup AS
5680Oude Wetering  Netherlands21Jachthaven de Brasem
5624  United Kingdom5Plymouth Marine Laboratory
5884chengkoonwing  Hong Kong139
5817Monaco  Monaco37
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)6Industrial Technology Research Institute
5892Gdańsk-Przymorze  Poland83
5702St Finan's Bay  Ireland8Skellig Haven
5782Texel de Cocksdorp  Netherlands349
5775N. Chesapeake Bay MD  United States of America101PG0419313
5670AEISG  Singapore26Felix Ker
5636Gladstone  Australia59Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5991MiddenLimburg  Netherlands14
5824LU5DTF-PDE  Uruguay3
5752Traunmuendung  Austria1
5629Brink Computer & Maritieme Services
5766Dresden  Germany22Uri Boeller
5833Gelliswick  United Kingdom33
5854Technopolitan  Sweden46Technopolitan
5917Taranger Consult  Norway13Magnar T
5724Rozenburg-Rotterdam  Netherlands487LH