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Showing 51-100 of 599 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5491Bangor  United Kingdom4DWHughes
5446Bangor  United Kingdom48Alan Pritchard
5763Baton Rouge  United States of America11Clay O
5214Bergen  Norway93Gamle Havstein
5277Berlin Rehberge  Germany10Axel Richrath
5826Berlin Spandau  Germany15
5873BES29  France0
5270Bethel, AK  United States of America0Limo.Net Internet Services
5338Birkenhead  United Kingdom75
5459Blyth  United Kingdom32
5574BM2MWA  Taiwan (Province of China)0
5041Borgwedel  Germany87
5528Bournemouth  United Kingdom3Ian Renton
5887Bouzas - Vigo Bay  Spain0Vicente G. - TELTEK LTD.
5545Bremen  Germany0
5365Bremen  Germany0
5550Bremerhaven  Germany192North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co.
5723Bremerhaven  Germany19bhvhs
5093Bren School  United States of America0
5062Brest  France241
5629Brink Computer & Maritieme Services
5633Brisbane  Australia38Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5424Bruehl Rhein KM 409  Germany19
5143BST-29  France124
5830BTMarine Electronics  United Kingdom112BTMarine
5226Bunker Connect AIS  Netherlands296Bunker Connect
5649Burnaby  Canada81
5385Bushy  Australia15
5634Cairns  Australia20Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5078Calumet Harbour  United States of America20
5845Camende  Netherlands38
5727Canary Islands  Spain2
5023Canet-en-Roussillo  France23LX1EX
5532Cape Henlopen, Delaware  United States of America4CAPE HENLOPEN SHIP & AIRCRAFT TRACKER
5920Capelle a/d IJssel  Netherlands25
5157Carnaxide  Portugal46
5161Cashmere  New Zealand9Simon
5522Caudillo  Argentina75LU5DTF
5978CBR  Portugal0
5529Cedar Hill  Canada43VE7KAJ
5470CF-Station  Germany0
5134Chaguaramas  Trinidad and Tobago43goodwood marine
5061Charity & Taylor  United Kingdom148James Hodges / Charity & Taylor
5884chengkoonwing  Hong Kong85
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)23Industrial Technology Research Institute
5054ckon fixed  Greece211ckon
5146Clearwater Beach  United States of America3
5020Cleveland, OH  United States of America12CLE
5128Climaguayana  Venezuela6
5616Clinton,Iowa  United States of America7Clinton River Traffic