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Showing 1-50 of 599 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor  Viet Nam142
5128Climaguayana  Venezuela6
5824LU5DTF-PDE  Uruguay33
5580Polaris  Uruguay70José Ferreira
5944Port Ludlow  United States of America15
5825Edgewater  United States of America0
5469Stimpsons Island Maine  United States of America46MAINECOAST.TV
5357Algiers, LA  United States of America66
5932Bailey's Harbor  United States of America0
5091Oakland Hills  United States of America136
5616Clinton,Iowa  United States of America7Clinton River Traffic
5731Remote Data Sensing  United States of America62
5200Magnolia  United States of America188
5803Palm Bay  United States of America0
5331Adak Island  United States of America1
5431Sunrise FL  United States of America1
5988Palmetto, FL  United States of America44
5257Erie, PA  United States of America14
5902O'Fallon MO  United States of America4
5020Cleveland, OH  United States of America12CLE
5532Cape Henlopen, Delaware  United States of America5CAPE HENLOPEN SHIP & AIRCRAFT TRACKER
5103Interport pilots  United States of America78
5694N0KQG  United States of America52N0KQG
5770Isle of Hope  United States of America12Typhoon
5291SV Loafers Glory  United States of America13
5819Indian River Creek  United States of America22
5461Toll Bridge  United States of America1Mile 183
5316Medina, NY  United States of America0
5931AISglp  United States of America37
5078Calumet Harbour  United States of America16
5596Wrightsville Beach  United States of America9
5710Glen Dale, WV  United States of America3
5196Foster City - San Mateo Bridge  United States of America3
5802Fairfield, CT  United States of America9W1SQL
5330Port Huron  United States of America13brett
5427Lakewood  United States of America12n0nhj
5974St Michaels, Maryland  United States of America1
5247Los Fresnos, Texas USA  United States of America14
5856ZARR_AIS_0001  United States of America5
5013Orcasound  United States of America0
5506High Pointe at St. Georges  United States of America14
5094Raccoon Strait  United States of America39Cruising Club of America
5661Pacifica, California  United States of America0
5763Baton Rouge  United States of America10Clay O
5270Bethel, AK  United States of America0Limo.Net Internet Services
5423Skookum Point  United States of America18helm
5807AST-SS  United States of America106
5439Niles, NY  United States of America5
5315Arkwright, NY  United States of America79
5918Pidgie - GBO  United States of America34