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Showing 1-50 of 914 items.
6691Saint John's  Virgin Islands (US)91s/v Hope
5960Hai Phong  Viet Nam79Thanh/H136/
5273Hai Phong  Viet Nam68Thanh  Viet Nam53
6298Ho Chi Minh  Viet Nam30
5128Climaguayana  Venezuela6
5824Maldonado  Uruguay28
6760Clarksville, TN  United States of America2Susan Larson
5992St. Petersburg, FL  United States of America14
6411Vienna, WV  United States of America11
5654Sheboygan  United States of America0
6575Miami, Florida  United States of America91
5713Webster Groves MO  United States of America0
5103Interport pilots  United States of America166
6125KHLSA_AIS  United States of America12
6250Highlands  United States of America0
5783Dabob Bay  United States of America0
6670Astoria  United States of America111
5330Port Huron  United States of America23brett
5461Toll Bridge  United States of America3Mile 183
5856Melbourne  United States of America2
6732Wanchese, NC  United States of America0
5316Medina, NY  United States of America0
5943Valparaiso  United States of America2itooth
6758Long Beach, California  United States of America99
5044PBO  United States of America0
6346Vincent Landing  United States of America5
5591Mukilteo Washington  United States of America27
5694Saint Charles  United States of America58N0KQG
5077Roaming  United States of America0Sudden Inspiration
6026St. George, Maine  United States of America1
6452Kailua Kona, Hawaii  United States of America3
6613Apollo Beach  United States of America7Jason H.
5270Bethel, AK  United States of America4Limo.Net Internet Services
6165Metarie  United States of America35MazoCodes
5427Lakewood  United States of America10n0nhj
6270Jersey City  United States of America321
5807AST-SS  United States of America0
6695North Padre Island  United States of America0
5238Galveston Bay Texas  United States of America263
5403Checked Out  United States of America110
6287Fenwick Island, DE  United States of America1N9KET
5518Everett, WA  United States of America1
5902O'Fallon MO  United States of America5
6738Southport, NC  United States of America6Mike Falciani
5974St Michaels, Maryland  United States of America12
6386Theresa, NY  United States of America29ARS-NET
5628Massena  United States of America0Adam
6497New York  United States of America28
5710Glen Dale, WV  United States of America10