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Showing 101-150 of 167 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5290Isola Di Vulcan  Italy26Danilo natoli
5291AZO  Portugal17SMA
5293Papendrecht  Netherlands90Pon Power NL
5298Townsville QLD  Australia21
5301Jaen  Spain25
5304Killoughter  Ireland4
5306Heilbronn  Germany18
5309Humlebaek  Denmark70
5311Leeuwarden  Netherlands39
5315Antibes  France0
5318Vancouver  Canada0
5323Hauknes  Norway6LA6TRA
5324Suwald  Netherlands51
5325Lamma Island  Hong Kong6Lamma Island AIS Station
5326Schull, Co. Cork  Ireland17
5328Zwolle  Netherlands8
5331Adak Island  United States of America0
5332Rotterdam LBKD  Netherlands50Antoine
5333Uden  Netherlands48
5338Birkenhead  United Kingdom20
5339Langeraar  Netherlands131
5343Halifax  Canada35Halifax Shipping News
5344Brinnon Station  United States of America8Mr. Tom
5345Schleswig  Germany43
5346Guernsey  Guernsey30The Tower of Power
5347Marina Shores At Dune Harbor  United States of America1
5348Amersfoort  Netherlands109
5353West Vancouver  Canada63
5357Beachley  United Kingdom10
5358GB3EI  United Kingdom5GB3EI
5362Quincy, MA  United States of America2Cashman Dredging
5363Stad aan 't Haringvliet  Netherlands121
5364Sorrento  Italy0
5365Bremen  Germany94
5366Lingen  Germany4
5369Valkenburg - Limburg  Netherlands36
5376IEDL  Norway10IEDL/NTNU
5378Telchac  Mexico6
5381Greencastle, Lough Foyle  Ireland9
5387Genova Quezzi
5391Murrells Inlet, South Carolina  United States of America3
5407Knutshaugen  Norway2642iKnowIT - Rune Larsen
5410Ferwoude  Netherlands95MRGerrits
5411Esri Ireland (Holywood)  United Kingdom12Esri Ireland
5412Hoek van Holland  Netherlands650
5414Key Largo  United States of America7
5416Boca Raton  United States of America13TrackTurtles
5418O'CONNOR  Australia56
5419AIS Station  0
5420Golfbyn  Sweden5TLF