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Showing 101-150 of 601 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5318Vancouver  Canada0
5235Urk  Netherlands352
5934Vlaardingen  Netherlands388
5287Garbsen  Germany0
5832St Saviour  Jersey85
5123Kowloon  Hong Kong217
5431Sunrise FL  United States of America1
5594Søvang  Denmark23
5648XLR8ing vessel-finder  Netherlands8
5029WD BASE Berwick, LA  United States of America0
5339Langeraar  Netherlands246
5980Nokoflow  Netherlands452
5449Leer  Germany3
5757Kuantan Port Authority  Malaysia40
5261YB8XM  Indonesia22
5095Kaliningrad  Russian Federation11
5759Sailing Vessel Y2K  New Zealand36
5378Portchester  United Kingdom47
5661Pacifica, California  United States of America0
5326Ylemiste  Estonia136
5415Hofstade  Belgium1
5688Feuerwehr Ostseebad Kühlungsborn  Germany17
5821samila  Thailand5
5538Alcaidesa  Spain49
5103Interport pilots  United States of America0
5480Rotterdam - Maashaven  Netherlands23
5298Townsville QLD  Australia49
5826Berlin Spandau  Germany16
5291SV Loafers Glory  United States of America6
5590Rotterdam  Netherlands0
5418O'CONNOR  Australia72
5487Invergordon  United Kingdom2
5901Whitby  United Kingdom0
5780UTRECHT  Netherlands40
5932Bailey's Harbor  United States of America0
5819Indian River Creek  United States of America32
5001Valencia  Spain52
5399Maceio JJunior  Brazil0
5878ESSN  Netherlands210
5187Ruesselsheim am Main  Germany1
5499Tamigusuku  Japan4
5740Athens  Greece0
5331Adak Island  United States of America2
5048Plymouth Hartley  United Kingdom73
5527Hoganas  Sweden18
5476Støle  Norway88
5605Inverkeithing  United Kingdom0
5238Galveston Bay Texas  United States of America222
5748North Ryde  Australia75
5795Gothenburg-SW, Särö  Sweden183