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Showing 51-100 of 458 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5424Bruehl Rhein KM 409  Germany34
5143BST-29  France52
5226Bunker Connect AIS  Netherlands373Bunker Connect
5649Burnaby  Canada0
5634Cairns  Australia10Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5078Calumet Harbour  United States of America18
5845Camende  Netherlands40
5727Canary Islands  Spain3
5023Canet-en-Roussillo  France23LX1EX
5532Cape Henlopen, Delaware  United States of America8CAPE HENLOPEN SHIP & AIRCRAFT TRACKER
5920Capelle a/d IJssel  Netherlands83
5157Carnaxide  Portugal42
5522Caudillo  Argentina69LU5DTF
5978CBR  Portugal3
5529Cedar Hill  Canada36VE7KAJ
5470CF-Station  Germany7
5134Chaguaramas  Trinidad and Tobago40goodwood marine
5884chengkoonwing  Hong Kong79
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)59Industrial Technology Research Institute
5814City of Oldenburg  Germany2
5054ckon fixed  Greece274ckon
5128Climaguayana  Venezuela5
5588Cloch Point - River Clyde  United Kingdom4Ecosse Online Limited
5475Cohoes,ny  United States of America3Mike
5615CTG_BD_MH  Bangladesh0Mobasher
5678Da Wizard  Australia19Dan
5783Dabob Bay  United States of America0
5635Darwin  Australia57Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5667Den Haag  Netherlands22
5212Diedrichshagen  Germany0
5481DO7AX  Germany6
5696Domsten  Sweden9
5677dotOcean Brugge  Belgium140
5127Dragor  Denmark113Børge Wedel Müller
5766Dresden  Germany30Uri Boeller
5711Drochtersen  Germany19
5243Dubai  United Arab Emirates107East 55 Maritime Limited
5525Duisburg  Germany52
5153DV8ADO  Philippines17DV8ADO
5682East Greenwich  United States of America2
5450East Kent  United Kingdom0
5354EBJ  Denmark45
5825Edgewater  United States of America0
5422Ekeback  Sweden216SM6PNZ
5141Ekerö, Sandudden  Sweden59
5619Elbhang  Germany6Paul
5441ENBR32  Norway34
5257Erie, PA  United States of America5
5730ES8BFU  Estonia14
5878ESSN  Netherlands274