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Showing 101-150 of 683 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5240Castel-Bian  France3YM
5170Castletown  United Kingdom0
5522Caudillo  Argentina89LU5DTF
5978CBR  Portugal1
6072Cebu  Philippines0
5529Cedar Hill  Canada50VE7KAJ
6050Cedar Lane  Canada0
5470CF-Station  Germany4
5134Chaguaramas  Trinidad and Tobago16goodwood marine
5061Charity & Taylor  United Kingdom31James Hodges / Charity & Taylor
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)20Industrial Technology Research Institute
5814City of Oldenburg  Germany1
6106Ciwandan Port  Indonesia18
5054ckon fixed  Greece379ckon
5146Clearwater Beach  United States of America8
5128Climaguayana  Venezuela4
5616Clinton,Iowa  United States of America7Clinton River Traffic
5588Cloch Point - River Clyde  United Kingdom3Ecosse Online Limited
5077Coda  United States of America8Sudden Inspiration
5475Cohoes,ny  United States of America2Mike
6010Coimbra  Portugal8
5027Colambre Boat Baiona  Spain28COLAMBRE BOAT
5715Cozumel  Mexico12
5831CR  Portugal0Pedro
5615CTG_BD_MH  Bangladesh70Mobasher
5595Cuxhaven  Germany60NEXTcontrol GmbH
5678Da Wizard  Australia36Dan
5783Dabob Bay  United States of America1
5635Darwin  Australia30Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5505DB0AGM  Germany286Christian Koch
6180DD Maritime  Netherlands626Delta Digital B.V.
6188De Koog  Netherlands77Broos Docter
5667Den Haag  Netherlands83
5793Den Helder  Netherlands106
5212Diedrichshagen  Germany24
5283DO6ORA  Germany39
5481DO7AX  Germany22
5791Dominica-CETI  Dominica10University of Haifa
5696Domsten  Sweden4
5237Dortmund  Germany0
5835Dortmund-Nette  Germany27David
5677dotOcean Brugge  Belgium189
5194DOUARNENEZ  France15
5127Dragor  Denmark0Børge Wedel Müller
5766Dresden  Germany14Uri Boeller
5711Drochtersen  Germany21
6089DropServer  United States of America1
5243Dubai  United Arab Emirates88Standard Bulk Shipbrokers
5525Duisburg  Germany45
6181Duluth, MN  United States of America16