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Showing 301-350 of 601 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5009Newquay  United Kingdom26Newquay Weather Station
5918Pidgie - GBO  United States of America25
5984Oldcroft  United Kingdom25
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)25Industrial Technology Research Institute
5377Partenheim  Germany25
5723Bremerhaven  Germany25bhvhs
5818Parramatta  Australia24Nicholas
5939Sandown, Isle of Wight  United Kingdom24Mark
5055AGS Ballynahinch  United Kingdom24Declan Barry
5817Monaco  Monaco24
5540Poulsker  Denmark24Dennis Tomiola, OZ7RBI
5768Amsterdam  Netherlands24Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre
5381Greencastle, Lough Foyle  Ireland24
5967Radar Maarssen  Netherlands24Radar Maarssen
5450East Kent  United Kingdom24
5229HoningMarineFleed  Netherlands23
5285Oban North  United Kingdom23Steve
5792Great Yarmouth  United Kingdom23
5871SV-Gabrielle  United Kingdom23
5527Hoganas  Sweden23
5824LU5DTF-PDE  Uruguay23
5459Blyth  United Kingdom23
5992St. Petersburg, FL  United States of America23
5942Zolotovo  Russian Federation22troosh
5261YB8XM  Indonesia22
5752Traunmuendung  Austria22
5763Baton Rouge  United States of America22Clay O
5909Utrecht oost  Netherlands22
5645Playa Paraiso, Adeje  Spain22EA8AJC
5948Hartlepool  United Kingdom22
5514Geraldton  Australia21Mission to Seafarers Geraldton
5423Skookum Point  United States of America21helm
5312Pratteln  Switzerland21ImproWare AG
5424Bruehl Rhein KM 409  Germany21
5480Rotterdam - Maashaven  Netherlands21
5975Marina Veere B.V.  Netherlands21
5612VE7LEE, Richmond, British Columbia  Canada21Ted Lee
5079Upholland  United Kingdom21Stuart Taylor
5409Ingarofjarden  Sweden21
5610Playa Torpederas, Playa Ancha  Chile21Simarp Limitada
5213Gilly B.  France21
5800Southampton  United Kingdom21greenwood-IT
5944Port Ludlow  United States of America20
5575Hersel  Germany20
5271MYBKI  Malaysia20
5036Middels DJ2DS  Germany19
5994Valkenburg  Netherlands19
5212Diedrichshagen  Germany19
5669Utrecht  Netherlands19The IT Crowd