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Showing 201-250 of 351 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5271MYBKI  Malaysia13
5917Taranger Consult  Norway13Magnar T
5527Hoganas  Sweden13
5991MiddenLimburg  Netherlands13
5290Isola Di Vulcan  Italy12Danilo natoli
5164Brielle  United States of America12Irish Lads
5902O'Fallon MO  United States of America12
5365Bremen  Germany12
5565Isola di Vulcano 2  Italy12DANILO NATOLI
5481DO7AX  Germany11
5245Warmond  Netherlands11Henk Keijzer
5944Port Ludlow  United States of America11
5483Sant Carles Marina  Spain11
5529Cedar Hill  Canada11VE7KAJ
5126Mafra  Portugal10
5284T-GCRR1  Spain10willfrd
5207Maidens  United Kingdom10
5173Lower Saxony (Mittellandkanal)  Germany10
5373SharkRF  Estonia10
5381Greencastle, Lough Foyle  Ireland10
5182Newcastle  United Kingdom10Les
5676Barge  Germany9Pascal van der padt
5131SY Mistral  Germany9Anselm Uphues jr.
5421Imus AIS Station  Philippines9
5564Lomonosov  Russian Federation9
5336Lauffen  Germany9
5461Toll Bridge  United States of America9Mile 183
5103Stora Isie  Sweden9Fredrik
5255Bremen  Germany8
5930Ingaro  Sweden8SA0YES
5065Loftahammar  Sweden8
5606Nærsnes  Norway8
5066Gerlachshausen  Germany8
5593Mehamn  Norway8MS Thani
5969Stavanger  Norway8Robert
5399Maceio JJunior  Brazil7
5730ES8BFU  Estonia7
5702St Finan's Bay  Ireland7Skellig Haven
5450East Kent  United Kingdom7
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)7Industrial Technology Research Institute  Bulgaria7Shatro Marine Agency Ltd
5420Golfbyn  Sweden7TLF
5789Ghogha  India7
5561Ness, Isle of Lewis  United Kingdom6
5679Rognan  Norway6Mox
5129SV TY-HIR  United Kingdom6
5264Presidio San Francisco  United States of America6
5323Hauknes  Norway6LA6TRA
5325Lamma Island  Hong Kong6Lamma Island AIS Station
5487Invergordon  United Kingdom6