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Showing 1-50 of 628 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor  Viet Nam68
5960VN-HPH-H136-RTLV3  Viet Nam62Thanh/H136/
5273HPHVN-H136  Viet Nam54Thanh
5128Climaguayana  Venezuela4
5825Edgewater  United States of America2
5330Port Huron  United States of America8brett
5475Cohoes,ny  United States of America1Mike
5918Pidgie - GBO  United States of America16
5059STANFORDAIS  United States of America56GPSLAB/STANFORD University
5974St Michaels, Maryland  United States of America0
5616Clinton,Iowa  United States of America1Clinton River Traffic
5093Bren School  United States of America0
5699Pensacola, Florida  United States of America1Peter Buckley
5775N. Chesapeake Bay MD  United States of America42PG0419313
5315Arkwright, NY  United States of America5
5289East Boston  United States of America42
5423Skookum Point  United States of America23helm
5856ZARR_AIS_0001  United States of America1
5519Morgan City, Louisiana  United States of America23Heath Ohmer/EMT Services
5391Murrells Inlet, South Carolina  United States of America5
5943Valparaiso  United States of America2itooth
5073Mackinaw  United States of America0W8CMN
6025Macatawa  United States of America1
5238Galveston Bay Texas  United States of America317
5146Clearwater Beach  United States of America15
5713Webster Groves MO  United States of America0
5819Indian River Creek  United States of America30
5327MWB  United States of America564MWB
5461Toll Bridge  United States of America3Mile 183
5916Shelter Bay  United States of America33Rod Proctor
5971Hampton  United States of America37@airassets
5596Wrightsville Beach  United States of America3
5029WD BASE Berwick, LA  United States of America23
5091Oakland Hills  United States of America157
5694N0KQG  United States of America68N0KQG
5763Baton Rouge  United States of America20Clay O
5313  United States of America42
5264Presidio San Francisco  United States of America1
5347South Sound  United States of America3South Sound Watchers
5850M/Y Continuum  United States of America0KN
5518Everett, WA  United States of America1
5357Algiers, LA  United States of America100
5932Bailey's Harbor  United States of America1
5069Carmel Highlands  United States of America0
5992St. Petersburg, FL  United States of America35
5145Pickwick Dam  United States of America1Terry Fischer
5710Glen Dale, WV  United States of America7
5806SF-NoeValley  United States of America56KF6ZEO
5295Famouth Ma  United States of America18
5431Sunrise FL  United States of America1