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Showing 1-50 of 309 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5555Montreal  Canada23VA2WBT
5358GB3EI  United Kingdom1GB3EI
5700Terschelling  Netherlands806
5466Antibes Les Maures  France144Olivier Elizon
5532Cape Henlopen, Delaware  United States of America1CAPE HENLOPEN SHIP & AIRCRAFT TRACKER
5969Stavanger  Norway12Robert
5479SensorNest  South Africa78
5173Lower Saxony (Mittellandkanal)  Germany7
5775N. Chesapeake Bay MD  United States of America59PG0419313
5891Szczecin, Dąbie  Poland28ALERTPLUS.INFO
5328Zwolle  Netherlands2
5483Sant Carles Marina  Spain19
5309Humlebaek  Denmark74
5530Millbrook Road East  United Kingdom13John Goode
5781Hulst  Netherlands64Tom Aski
5541LU5DTF-BUE  Argentina22LU5DTF
5635Darwin  Australia35Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5057Glueckstadt  Germany17do5co
5944Port Ludlow  United States of America16
5564Lomonosov  Russian Federation15
5226Bunker Connect AIS  Netherlands444Bunker Connect
5387Genova Quezzi
5970Higham  United Kingdom38
5991MiddenLimburg  Netherlands37
5473Nyköping  Sweden55Andreas
5540Poulsker  Denmark8Dennis Tomiola, OZ7RBI
5184Baldwin Harbor  United States of America7Joseph Modica
5278The GadgetYacht  Norway26
5600Jemgum LU  Germany207Emsruderer
5964Amateur Radio Club Network  Australia49The School Amateur Radio Club Network
5033G2DPY  United Kingdom16
5231rheinkm735  Germany55 Rheincamneuss
5348Amersfoort  Netherlands2644
5597Livorno  Italy38
5651Oostburg  Netherlands49Marc le Grand
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)38Industrial Technology Research Institute
5162Toulouse  France702
5439Niles, NY  United States of America5
5679Rognan  Norway3Mox
5299University of Piraeus  Greece189Data Science Lab
5586Marine Parade  Singapore17
5353West Vancouver  Canada48
5924Tseung Kwan O  Hong Kong52
5507Stinjan, Pula  Croatia21XLAB d.o.o.
5450East Kent  United Kingdom4
5739Heerenveen  Netherlands5HSM
5843Vendee  France102
5206Gdynia  Poland160
5418O'CONNOR  Australia61
5336Lauffen  Germany13