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Showing 1-50 of 629 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5078Calumet Harbour  United States of America10
5481DO7AX  Germany15
6058Mornington  Ireland0
5878ESSN  Netherlands283
5856ZARR_AIS_0001  United States of America1
5927Le Port  Réunion40
5314AIS Heemskerk  Netherlands185
5948Hartlepool  United Kingdom40
5319Støle  Norway16
5174Sollube  Spain64
5066Gerlachshausen  Germany8
5496Hoorn  Netherlands14
5626Asker  Norway27
5212Diedrichshagen  Germany19
5154Antwerp  Belgium224
5200Magnolia  United States of America224
5597Livorno  Italy53
5594Søvang  Denmark13
5050Home  Sweden6
5951Wahoo  Netherlands24
5432Sneek  Netherlands48
6025Macatawa  United States of America0
5843Vendee  France28
5305Cape Lambert  Australia0
5720Pune  India867
5048Plymouth Hartley  United Kingdom1
5247Los Fresnos, Texas USA  United States of America16
6083Novi Vinodolski  Croatia2
5643NL13891  Netherlands0
5576Migum - La Linea de la Concepcion  Spain272
5715Cozumel  Mexico7
5377Partenheim  Germany48
5703Ello Satellite  Brazil5
5331Adak Island  United States of America0
5711Drochtersen  Germany15
5361Tyresö  Sweden88
5506High Pointe at St. Georges  United States of America23
5908Kiel-Wittland  Germany39
5364Vancouver  Canada84
5987Tórshavn  Faroe Islands92
5316Medina, NY  United States of America0
5713Webster Groves MO  United States of America0
5206Gdynia  Poland223
5126Mafra  Portugal6
5787EA7AZH  Spain89
5782Texel de Cocksdorp  Netherlands141
5819Indian River Creek  United States of America29
5978CBR  Portugal0
5871SV-Gabrielle  United Kingdom27
5162Toulouse  France65