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Showing 1-50 of 491 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5924Tseung Kwan O  Hong Kong47
5331Adak Island  United States of America1
5040Itzehoe  Germany0
5250Rochester  United Kingdom54
5974St Michaels, Maryland  United States of America3
5601Rotterdam  Netherlands529
5326Ylemiste  Estonia108
5287Garbsen  Germany0
5278The GadgetYacht  Norway144
5409Ingarofjarden  Sweden25
5333GDYNIA  Poland0
5744Hjärup  Sweden10
5772Tele Manutenzioni  Italy9
5506High Pointe at St. Georges  United States of America11
5470CF-Station  Germany1
5696Domsten  Sweden5
5998Gent  Belgium338
5625Mariehamn  Finland27
5157Carnaxide  Portugal31
5890Wren Rd Rab  United Kingdom60
5013Orcasound  United States of America12
5220Sorel-Tracy  Canada20
5143BST-29  France42
5467Rybinsk-port  Russian Federation8
5052Sevastopol  Ukraine69
5155Harlingen  Netherlands287
5878ESSN  Netherlands267
5205Garant  Lithuania58
5298Townsville QLD  Australia36
5257Erie, PA  United States of America6
5026Westport  Ireland6
5814City of Oldenburg  Germany0
5138Auburn WA  United States of America8
5119ZwerfCat  French Polynesia1
5222Sengkang  Singapore62
5803Palm Bay  United States of America0
5430Nymoelle  Denmark0
5980Nokoflow  Netherlands786
5375Kiosk Luett Falkenstein  Germany2
5932Bailey's Harbor  United States of America0
5487Invergordon  United Kingdom4
5137AisAtHanden  Sweden0
5690Mount Hicks  Australia9
5123Kowloon  Hong Kong306
5264Presidio San Francisco  United States of America0
5559Pontasserchio  Italy0
5923Jepara  Indonesia2
5439Niles, NY  United States of America4
5128Climaguayana  Venezuela7
5647Gendt  Netherlands45