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Showing 51-100 of 503 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5795Gothenburg-SW, Särö  Sweden132
5996Hurtle Turtle  Australia132Hurtle Turtle
5035Nivaa  Denmark131Kas9pa
5091Oakland Hills  United States of America128
5183Marknesse  Netherlands128Hermess
5650EB3CW  Spain127EB3CW
5895ANDIJK  Netherlands127
5884chengkoonwing  Hong Kong127
5225Tuzla / Istanbul  Turkey125
5451Greenwater Services  Netherlands122Greenwater Services
5045IJmuiden  Netherlands121VB IT Service
5003PCT - ULPGC  Spain121
5458N60AIS  Netherlands121
5357Algiers, LA  United States of America120
5025San Clemente  Viet Nam111
5614Valencia  Spain109Isaac / Grupo Romeu
5522Caudillo  Argentina107LU5DTF
5353West Vancouver  Canada105
5339Langeraar  Netherlands105
5740Athens  Greece104
5909Utrecht oost  Netherlands104
5892Gdańsk-Przymorze  Poland104
5099TTSL Cais do Sodré  Portugal104TTSL
5278The GadgetYacht  Norway102
5477Puerto Ayora  Ecuador102Electronautica S.A.
5775N. Chesapeake Bay MD  United States of America99PG0419313
5443Gothenburg  Sweden98Sirius Shipping
5103Interport pilots  United States of America95
5504Vancouver West End  Canada95HWD
5214Bergen  Norway94Gamle Havstein
5969Stavanger  Norway92Robert
5807AST-SS  United States of America91
5222Sengkang  Singapore88
5500Strøby  Denmark88
5111Kiel Canal  Germany87
5840Riobob  Brazil87
5638Melbourne  Australia87Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
537230EA277  Spain86
5387Genova Quezzi
5095Kaliningrad  Russian Federation85
5195Ydoe  Denmark85Ken Cortzo
5971Hampton  United States of America84@airassets
5637Karratha  Australia83Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5189Fern Communications  United Kingdom82Fern Communications
5580Polaris  Uruguay81José Ferreira
5309Humlebaek  Denmark81
5265Paranaque  Philippines80
5418O'CONNOR  Australia79
5615CTG_BD_MH  Bangladesh77Mobasher