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Showing 101-150 of 280 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5512Lake Park  United States of America53Seasies
5638Melbourne  Australia53Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5763Baton Rouge  United States of America52Clay O
5597Livorno  Italy51
5481DO7AX  Germany49
5483Sant Carles Marina  Spain48
5918Pidgie - GBO  United States of America48
5635Darwin  Australia48Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5529Cedar Hill  Canada47VE7KAJ
5636Gladstone  Australia47Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5979Almere  Netherlands46Jonathan van Dijk
5962FIKP10A  Finland46
5970Higham  United Kingdom45
5721Södersvik  Sweden45Mats Nilsson
5324Suwald  Netherlands45
5917Taranger Consult  Norway44Magnar T
5429AIS3600  Denmark42
5939Sandown, Isle of Wight  United Kingdom41Mark
5804Wirral  United Kingdom41Sly
5891Szczecin, Dąbie  Poland41ALERTPLUS.INFO
5473Nyköping  Sweden40Andreas
5833Gelliswick  United Kingdom38
5786Haninge  Sweden38Hårsfjärden
5870Szczecin  Poland37ALERTPLUS.INFO
5816Nion Tecnologia y Comunicaciones - AIS transponder 03  Argentina37Nion Tecnologia y Comunicaciones
5187Ruesselsheim am Main  Germany36
5817Monaco  Monaco35
5632Sydney  Australia34Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5343Halifax  Canada34Halifax Shipping News
5253Mercrai  Italy33Mercrai
5246Perak - Station #3972  Malaysia339w2dcm
5649Burnaby  Canada33
5276Inderoy  Norway32
5844Pirsenteret  Norway31ITsjefen AS
5916Shelter Bay  United States of America31Rod Proctor
5298Townsville QLD  Australia30
5959Albufeira  Portugal30
5247Los Fresnos, Texas USA  United States of America30
5100Norresundby  Denmark30
5634Cairns  Australia28Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
5991MiddenLimburg  Netherlands28
5883Trzebież  Poland28DIVO-JV
5968Figueira da Foz  Portugal28Jaimer19
5345Schleswig  Germany27
5845Camende  Netherlands27
5843Vendee  France27
5666Port of Grenaa  Denmark27Port of Grenaa
5023Canet-en-Roussillo  France27LX1EX
5976Chutung  Taiwan (Province of China)26Industrial Technology Research Institute
5060OH9EKT  Russian Federation25