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Showing 101-150 of 184 items.
IDStatusStation nameCountryShipsContributor
5471RadarMaarssen  Netherlands11Radar Maarssen
5357Beachley  United Kingdom11
5055AGS Ballynahinch  United Kingdom10Declan Barry
5492Saint Raphael  France10Demortier
5264Presidio San Francisco  United States of America10
5131SY Mistral  Germany10Anselm Uphues jr.
5288Royan  France10
5271MYBKI  Malaysia10
5416Boca Raton  United States of America9TrackTurtles
5065Loftahammar  Sweden9
5247Los Fresnos, Texas USA  United States of America9
5361San Francisco, CA  United States of America8
5323Hauknes  Norway8LA6TRA
5421Imus AIS Station  Philippines8
5173Lower Saxony (Mittellandkanal)  Germany8
5510Utrecht Leidsche Rijn  Netherlands8
5184Baldwin Harbor  United States of America8Joseph Modica
5328Zwolle  Netherlands7
5475Cohoes,ny  United States of America7Mike
5129SV TY-HIR  United Kingdom7
5450East Kent  United Kingdom7
5335Glasgow  United Kingdom7
5306Heilbronn  Germany6
5096Uithoorn  Netherlands6
5255Bremen  Germany6
5336Lauffen  Germany6
5366Lingen  Germany6
5066Gerlachshausen  Germany5
5381Greencastle, Lough Foyle  Ireland5
5462Whitby  Canada5
5086Mattituck, NY  United States of America4
5073Paris  France4
5196Mattituck, NY  United States of America4
5414Key Largo  United States of America4
5280Kjopmannskjaer  Norway4
5106Sigtuna  Sweden4Uffe
5429AIS3600  Denmark4
5362Quincy, MA  United States of America4Cashman Dredging
5304Killoughter  Ireland4
5498  United States of America3Serge L
5219Knúkur  Faroe Islands3Regin
5285Oban North  United Kingdom3Steve
5469Stimpsons Island Maine  United States of America3MAINECOAST.TV
5331Adak Island  United States of America2
5440MailASail  United Kingdom2MailASail
5026Westport  Ireland2
5347Marina Shores At Dune Harbor  United States of America2
5237Tolkamer  Netherlands2
5369Valkenburg - Limburg  Netherlands2